Original Fine Art Created By Ali J. Developed by All Means Possible,Plus A Sweep Of Magic.

Art That Speaks 
To You and blows kisses to your soul.

Welcome To My Website 
Hi! I’m Ali Johnson from the historic pie village of Denby Dale in Yorkshire UK. I first exhibited and sold my art on the top floor of The White Rose Gallery in Holmfirth (Famous for Last of the Summer Wine and the internationally acclaimed watercolorist Ashley Jackson.) 
I worked back then exclusively in oil - but I’ve switched on to all manner of media and I digitally enhance my work producing printed inks on canvas and fine art papers.
I opened my own gallery in 2002 when I bought a deconsecrated church All Hallows, High Hoyland. Having worked for the inland revenues valuation office for most of my working life I have seen countless UK properties, and developed a love of interior design and an eye for images that give wow factor -I specialise in  making a home a castle !  
At home in my converted church,  my gallery space has become a very spiritual laboratory where I play with refracted light and repeat patterns. I have become an alchemist and I’m happy to dabble with mud, pollen and beetroot juice to name but three of my potions. After converting a church, a chapel and a Sunday school building in to living space, I have developed an affinity with all things ecclesiastical. Angels, spirits and apparitions do appear in my art.   You will see that my passion and energy show in bright magnetic imagery. I love the magic of thinking big and although you can buy my prints and canvases in various sizes, I do recommend enormous!


The latest and best artworks.

I love to create something original and show it to the world.


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